The I’s Have It

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Not that this is anything new, but Dear Leader really seems to be stuck on himself more than usual lately.  That’s saying a lot. Using his Sate Of The Union address to promote himself by using the pronoun “I” over 90 times.  Then follows it up with a trip to  Tampa and does the same thing, using “I” again over 90 times.  All of this after talk radio has been hounding him about his self-obsession.  Does anyone in the White House have the guts to tell him to give it a rest ?

While watching the little bit of the speeches that I could stand, I realized that Dear Leader reminded me of someone else.  But who ?  Then it hit me.  King Julien XIII from the movie Madagascar.  King Julien is self absorbed and always has to be the center of attention.  The ring-tailed lemur character believes it is all about him.  Wikipedia describes Julien as  “slightly deranged and overly impressed by his modest intellect.”

Is this Dear Leader or what ?  Julien even has an Indian accent and I bet he would pronounce “Taliban” excatly as the Anointed One.  So next time you hear the greatest teleprompter reader ever, think of little King Julien.

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Joe Biden Dead-Sort of

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Vice president Joe Biden is not really dead dead.  Just politically.  In September, when speaking of the stimulus  bill he said “If it fails, I’m dead.”   Well Joe, it has failed and you’re the one that Barry set up to take the fall.  He had to have a way to keep you off the ticket in 2012, and this is it.

The fraudulent jobs number that the white house put out keeps getting trimmed back by people that are actually fact checking the jobs that you say the Obama administration has “created or saved.”  (Just a thought here, What if Sara Palin or any republican went around saying “created or saved jobs?” What  endless mocking would there be from the media ?)

The fraud committed here can only be purposeful. To date, not a single “mistake” in the jobs created number is a mistake where the number is under reported.  Every error is an over statement.  If there were actual mistakes, some would be over statements, and some would be under statements.

When the public finds out what a colossal waste of money the stimulus bill was and that it has only created a few expensive union  jobs, the gig will be up for poor Joe.  The Washington village idiot will be asked to resign to spend more time with his family. Probably just after the Republican, I mean conservatives, take back over 50 seats in the House in 2010.

It’s a shame  Joe.  That one little three letter word, J-O-B-S,  will be the end of your pathetic political career. Well at least you’ll always be able to say you were one of only 5 Senators to vote against the Alaskan pipeline in 1973.   You can take that to the grave with you.

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The Worst Bill Ever

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The Worst Bill Ever

Epic new spending and taxes, pricier insurance, rationed care, dishonest accounting: The Pelosi health bill has it all.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she’s prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a “critical milestone,” may well be the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced.


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Yes folks, sadly it is true.  The International Olympic Committee is racist. There can be no other explanation for Chicago not getting the 2016 Olympics.  I’m sure Jimmy Carter and all of the Fringe Media, (Formally the MSM,) would agree.  To vote out Chicago in the first round of voting after our Dear Leader took the time to fly to Copenhagen and bless the crowd with his presence is unbelievable.  A slap in the face.  It is like the world community looks at him as a joke. The leader who can’t lead.

Even Michelle made the great sacrifice to fly over there on a tax payer provided private Boeing 757 with her entourage  and put her substantial weight behind the effort.  And even more weight with Oprah tagging along.   Still, the Chicago bid only received 18 votes.

Our Rock Star president seems to have fallen off the stage.  Failure to win the Olympic bid, Failure to keep his promise not to raise taxes,  Failure to get a health care bill through congress before the August break, Failure to vet the people working in the White House, and the list goes on.  Luckily, we can blame all this on racism. The only other choice is to accept that this president is a failure.  That would be bad.  Lets just continue to play the race card.

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Mob Set To March On DC Sept. 12

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Looks like the Un-American mob is ready to descend on Washington DC.  The date is September 12, and the crowd is expected to be huge. I expect the MSM to underestimate the attendance by about half.  You can also expect a few ACORN people to be there dressed up with swastika arm bands pretending to be right-wingers. This is where the MSM will focus their attention, if they show up at all.

You can be sure that only FOX and talk radio will cover the event correctly, stating that the protesters are regular Americans that want the Federal government to start obeying the limits placed on them by the Constitution and especially the 9th and 10th amendments.

Will our Representatives listen ?  Time will tell, but the louder we are, the more likely they are to hear us.

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Happy Anniversy Ted

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I guess the MSM has missed it again.  Today, July 18th, 2009, is the 40th anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.  If your under 45, you may not even know that the the distingushed Senator killed Mary Jo when he drove his car off a bridge and then left her to die in the car while he went and checked into a hotel.  Ted did call the police the next morning to report the accident, after calling several others to see if there was any way to place the blame on someone else.

Ted did not get away without punishment for taking the life of a young girl. He had to pay a $100 fine and lost his license to drive for a few months.  See, even the Kennedys don’t get special treatment under the law.

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You’ve been to A Tea Party–Now What ?

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You’ve taken the initiative to attend a tea party to stand up to our government and tell them that you’re not willing to take it anymore. You stood with your fellow citizens and declared that enough is enough. You’ve worked too hard to let corrupt politicians take your money to buy votes from other people by redistributing your wealth.  If you wanted that, you would have voted for the communist party in the last election!

The Tea Party was great and it felt good to see so many others Americans that think like you do. You realized that you are not alone in thinking that our government spending is out of control.  You just want some common sense and fiscal discipline to return to Washington and your state government.   You live within your means and so should our government.  So what’s next ?

Well, your elected representatives want you to do nothing. They want you to watch Jerry Springer and make your phone calls to American Idol, not their Washington offices. They want to continue business as usual with taxing and spending and K street lobbyists.  Their life is too cushy in Washington to listen to the changes that their constituents are demanding.

But here is a short list of the things that you can do to put the “representative” back into our representative republic form of government.

  • Contact your representatives and tell them how you want them to vote on issues
    • Learn the phone numbers of your Representative and Senators
    • Post them on your refrigerator and enter them in you cell phone
    • Enter their email addresses in your computer address book
  • On facebook, join Visible Vote.
    • An easy way to tell your elected representatives how you want them to vote on bills in congress
  • Join a 9-12 project group


Where do you get started ?  You’re already there. The Monster Conservative has all the links to  the sites that will keep you informed with the truth and the facts.  In the left hand margin, click on the link under Find elected officials. You will need your nine digit zip code. This will give you the contact information for your representatives.

The Heritage Foundation is the leading conservative think tank and has great commentary on current issues. Liberty Pen and Patriot Post are 2 of the best conservative blogs on the web. Glenn Beck”s 9-12 project is a fantastic way to meet with other people in your area that want the government to quit the out of control spending.  For News, the Drudge Report has the headlines and stories that the main stream media won’t cover.

Lastly, 4 books that I would like to recommend.

  • Common Sense, by Glenn Beck
  • Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin
  • America Alone by Mark Steyn
  • The 5000 year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

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CNN Report On Democrats Amnesty Bill

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You got to see this !  This was the Amnesty Bill that the Democrats were trying to get through congress in 2007!   Now that the democrats have a super majority in the senate, I’ll bet they try to sneak this by the American people again. It will be one of those bills that “we just don’t have time to read, we have to pass it now.”  Also, if it does pass, everyone of these illegals will get “free” health care. Of course, its free to them because YOU will be paying the bill !   Remember, CNN is a lefty new organization.  Here is the 2007 story by Lou Dobbs.

2007 Amnesty Bill  story, Click Here.

Obama on Iranian Elections

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Our Dear Leader, Comrade Obama, doesn’t want to take sides on the Iranian elections. Thousands or millions of Iranians are out in the streets of Tehran demanding free and fair elections. But Our Dear Leader doesn’t want to meddle in Iranian affairs. (I’m sure the Israelis wish he would take this position with their issues.) He doesn’t want to be seen choosing between a nut job tyrannical despot and free elections. What a spineless empty suit. Or maybe a better description of him is a soft-sided container of dog excrement. Either way, he lacks even the smallest amount of leadership.

Reagan knew leadership. Do you remember “ Mr. Gorbachev  tear down this wall.” This was a man that wasn’t afraid to choose between tyranny and liberty. Of course, the irony would be amazing if Dear Leader would speak in support of the protesters. He would be helping the Iranian people work towards liberty, while at the same time he is working to deprive the citizens of the United States of theirs!

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Rove Gives Conservatives A Road Map To Stop Obama

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How to Stop Socialized Health Care –

How to Stop Socialized Health Care
Five arguments Republicans must make.


It was a sobering breakfast with one of the smartest Republicans on Capitol Hill. We can fix a lot of bad stuff President Barack Obama might do, he told me. But if Mr. Obama signs into law a “public option,” government-run insurance program as part of health-care reform we won’t be able to undo the damage.